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Professional Listings


Belle Meade Title and Escrow
4515 Harding Pike, Ste. 315
Nashville, TN  37205
Phone: (615) 297-1568
Fax:       (615) 297-2413
Email: bob@bellemeadetitle.com
Web: www.notestinelaw.com

Notestine Law can provide for you legal advice on a wide variety of legal decisions you may face.  Whether it is real estate development, landlord/tenant agreements, or other matters, Bob Notestine will guide your decisions based on current local and state laws and with more than 23 years of experience in the real estate business.

Eastside Capital, LLC
P.O. Box 68315
Nashville, TN  37206
Phone: (615) 242-0520
Email: giachery@eastsidecapital.com
Web: www.eastsidecapital.com
Leatherwood Inc.
4231 Old Hillsboro Rd.
Franklin, TN  37064
Phone: (615) 790-9626
Fax:       (615) 790-3456
Email: info@leatherwood.com
Web: www.leatherwoodinc.com

With a strong dedication to the field of restoration, Leatherwood combines an understanding of historic processes and architecture combined with available technology to accurately restore structures. Our extensive resume includes numerous Presidential homes, National Landmarks, National Monuments, National Treasures, and several house museums.

Orion Building Corporation
9025 Overlook Blvd., Ste 100
Brentwood, TN 37027
Phone: (615) 321-4499
Fax:       (615) 327-4171
Email: marketing@orionbldg.com
Web: www.orionbldg.com

Orion has been providing general contracting and construction management services since its incorporation in 1983.  In the years that have followed, we have become a leader in the delivery of construction management services in Middle Tennessee and the Southeast.

Orion specializes in work with historically significant projects.  Their experience includes the restoration of Nashville's Parthenon, Cheekwood Mansion, Belle Meade Mansion, the Robertson County Courthouse and Miss Mary Bobo's to name just a few.  Tennessee is their home and they are proud to have a role in the restoration and preservation of its heritage.

Eastside Capital, LLC
P. O. Box 68315
Nashville, TN  37206
Phone: (615) 242-0520
Email: giachery@eastsidecapital.net
Web: www.eastsidecapital.net
Painting By The Wall
1504 Litton Ave.
Nashville, TN  37216
Phone: (615) 424-7737
Email: pbuilders@bellsouth.net
Web: www.paintingbythewall.com
Taylor Made Plans
P.O. Box 68362
Nashville, TN  37206
Phone: (615) 650-8956
Fax:       (615) 829-8510
Email: info@taylormadeplans.com
Web: www.taylormadeplans.com

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