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Planned Giving Opportunities

Gifts to the APTA Endowment Trust may be made by an annual cash donation or by memorial contributions, by naming the APTA in a will or as a beneficiary of an insurance policy, or by gifts of stocks, bonds, or real property. These contributions are tax deductible by taking advantage of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donors or foundations interested  in making gifts under the foregoing provisions may obtain a copy of the April 29, 1977 letter from the IRS granting tax-exempt  status from the APTA Headquarters, 110 Leake Avenue Nashville, TN 37205.

The Christmas Challenge

The APTA Endowment Trust is managed by the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation. The Foundation offers the "Christmas Challenge" to those who wish to make a donation to the APTA in honor of a loved one. The Foundation will match one dollar for every three dollars that are given during the month of December.

The guidelines are very simple

  1. All gifts must be made to the APTA Endowment Trust
  2. The Foundation provides a pool of $75,000 in matching dollars to endowments
  3. The endowment contributions, along with the match, will become "permanent" and cannot be liquidated.
  4. The endowment funds will follow the Foundation's spending policy
  5. Contributions to Foundation endowments must be made in honor or memory of an individual
  6. The transfer of funds will take place at or near the end of the Foundation's fiscal year (June 30)