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Welcome to the APTA

The APTA is the oldest statewide nonprofit historic preservation organization in the State of Tennessee and the fourth oldest in the nation. Since 1951 we have been preserving and maintaining historic sites that play an important role in Tennessee’s rich cultural heritage.

Our mission is to promote and encourage active participation in the preservation of Tennessee’s rich historic, cultural, architectural and archeological heritage through restoration, education, advocacy and statewide cooperation.

Currently, there are 13 chapters that administer 14 sites. APTA sites include:

  • Belle Meade Plantation, Nashville
  • The Athenaeum Rectory, Columbia
  • Buchanan Log House, Nashville
  • Crockett Tavern Museum, Morristown
  • Glenmore Mansion, Jefferson City
  • Ramsey House Plantation, Knoxville
  • Holy Innocents Cemetery, Arlington
  • Rachel H. K. Burrow Museum, Arlington
  • Historic Post Office, Arlington
  • Blacksmith Shop Site, Arlington
  • The Pillars, Bolivar
  • The Little Courthouse, Bolivar
  • Woodruff-Fontaine House, Memphis

Rutherford County also has an APTA chapter.

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